JR ROSAS LAW FIRM has been involved in many important mergers and acquisitions, representing buyers and sellers of businesses, investment banks, financial advisers, and other participants. Our experience spans numerous industries, and our clients range from some of the world's largest companies in communications, government contracts, health care and hospitality, to small start-up technology ventures.

We take a fundamentally different approach, M&A has moved from a fixation on deal papers and the conduct of ritualistic due diligence to true risk assessment, value-creation through transactional structuring, new governance processes, and the ability to marshal numerous practice disciplines on a seamless and cost-effective basis, frequently in multijurisdictional, even global, transactional settings.

Accordingly, interdisciplinary teaming is the defining concept for us in M&A, by which we bring our extensive experience and scalable resources to bear on a real-time, cost-effective basis.

Intellectual property due diligence investigations should be conducted by a party any time a merger, acquisition (“M&A”) or investment is being considered. Intellectual property due diligence involves the gathering of information on the target party’s assets and liabilities, in order to assess the merits and risks of the transaction. One of the most important assets of the target party may be its intellectual property. These intellectual property assets could include patents, trademarks, trade dress, copyrights, trade secrets, and domain names.