It isn’t enough to just register your trademark; it’s important to ensure that the underlying trademark registration strategy is sound. With global reach and local expertise, JR Rosas Law Firm can help ensure that your business avoids mistakes that can put your brand at risk.

At JR ROSAS, we view filing and registration of trademark applications as the start of a brand protection strategy. For that reason, we ask a lot of questions to help your business move forward on solid ground. We provide strategic guidance on the selection, clearance and strategic filing to register your marks, including:

Traditional brand names



Nontraditional trademarks

Sounds, shape and appearance comprising your business’ distinctive trade dress

We have experience in drafting the best, most appropriate descriptions of your company’s wares and services, and in responding to office actions and examiner reports to revise applications and overcome objections. We also have experience monitoring trademark applications and competitors’ applications, and we provide advice on preserving the distinctiveness and value of your proprietary brand identity. Most importantly, our clear, pragmatic advice can help you make informed decisions about meeting your objectives while effectively managing your costs.

We recognize that each situation is unique. Whether you need advice targeted to a specific project, or ongoing support in managing your global trademark portfolio, our team at JR ROSAS LAW FIRM works flexibly to meet your requirements.