We offer clients a professional corporate formation and administration service in a broad range of offshore jurisdictions. Client companies which we represent are used for many purposes such as portfolio and property investment, trading, patent, royalty and copyright holding, ship and aircraft ownership.

At JR ROSAS LAW FIRM, we are equipped to form companies in most jurisdictions throughout the world.

We provide not only full services for registration, but also management of international companies. With such global structures, you can take advantage of international legislation to protect and multiply your wealth. To achieve this, we are committed to the highest standards of privacy. We know exactly what is crucial for you: Confidentiality. We set standards in the protection of your personal data and provide a professional and confidential environment, which is essential for your successful business.

As we are living in times of globalization, the aspiration of entrepreneurs to recognize and set up ideal offshore company structures, as well as to benefit from the economic and tax advantages offered by a few jurisdictions, is undeniably comprehensible.

Due to ever increasing new legislation regarding money laundering / annual corporate compliance, we may need to undertake additional administrative work which may result in additional charges from time to time.