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Utility model registration provides fast and low-cost protection of technical inventions. Utility model protection is also available for chemical substances, food and pharmaceuticals, but not for processes, such as manufacturing, working or measuring processes. Whereas it frequently takes several years to obtain a patent, a utility model may be registered within a few weeks after filing the application. Filing a utility model application is a fast way to get a fully fledged, enforceable IP right.

Utility models are often used for mechanical innovations and are well suited for small and medium businesses which want to make minor changes to existing inventions. Known by di erent names in the various countries utility models are more a ordable than patents, easier to register, and have shorter lifespan periods.

Utility models are often referred to as innovative patents or minor patents. Most of the patent o ces don’t do in-depth examinations of applications and simply require that the utility models meet the formal requirements. In most instances, the same items or processes not patentable will also not qualify as utility models. One of the main requirements is that the utility model must be new and thus not part of prior art. This means that the utility model may not have been published or used before application for such. In Spain, however, absolute novelty is not required. In South Africa the functional design can t the category of utility model and it has a lifespan of ten years.

Our team works on applications in all technical fields on a routine basis. We ensure that you will obtain a wide a scope of protection.