JR ROSAS LAW FIRM can analyze existing patents and published patent applications to help you understand the scope of patent rights belonging to others that may affect your business plans.

The scope of the search is typically defined by the use of key terms defining the product, ingredient or process to be cleared, including appropriate alternate key words (i.e., synonyms, alternate spelling, acronyms) depending on the country or field of use and for chemical compounds, a chemical abstracts search using of a country registry number and a search of chemical structures.

Our Firm is experienced in ascertaining whether our clients are "free to operate" their technology without impeding the rights of others.

A freedom to operate or product clearance analysis uncovers relevant patents and analyzes such patents to determine the scope and validity of the claim coverage. Our attorneys have the depth of knowledge in a wide variety of technology areas to provide our clients with the expertise necessary for a successful product launch. We diligently work with our clients to identify and assess the scope of a competitor's product and then determine the best manner to develop a product that avoids potentially unnecessary licensing restrictions and mitigates the risk of infringement legal disputes.