Preparation of clearance opinions

Preparation of clearance opinions is actually an examination of novelty.

An examination for patent novelty is usually carried out in the framework of patent examination. Patent novelty is a legal property of an object meaning that it can be freely used in a specific country without the risk of violating of exclusive rights of legally effective patents on its territory. So the subjects having patent novelty are those that are not subject to patents for inventions, useful models or industrial designs issued by an authorized patent office and valid in the territory of that country. In addition, objects can not violate registered trademarks, as well as brand names and indications of the origin of goods.

During the patent novelty examination the object is checked itself and its technical solutions are evaluated. The search is carried out in each country separately, taking into account the patent laws and judicial practice in these countries. The choice of the country where the examination is carried out depends on the market where the products are supposed to be sold. Patent research on performance standards should be carried out in the countries that this development is conducted for as well as in countries where the industry is developed the most.

Design searches

We conduct searches for identifying design rights registered at the design office for the European Union (OHIM), via the WIPO system for international design registrations or directly to the local or national Intellectual Property Office around the world.