Trademark watching: preventing infringement and misuse.

Trademark registration is only the first step in the effective use of a chosen brand, company or product name. In order to ensure that your valuable marks are protected and enforced, you will also need to monitor them for unauthorised and potentially damaging use. Trademark watching services are an important tool in the proactive monitoring of registered marks and devices, helping you to identify and act against infringement and misuse of your trademark in a timely manner.

Trademark Watch – International

Provides notice of newly published trademarks in over 170 jurisdictions worldwide. Cites identical and confusingly similar marks in any number of classes. Includes phonetic equivalents, transliterations and translations. Customized to meet your needs — whether in number of countries, scope, coverage, or type of information reported. Submit your preferences and receive what you want. Watch Reports are delivered faster allowing you to act quickly.

Applicant Watch – International

Tracking a company or potential repeat offender? We notify you when a particular applicant files a trademark application, regardless of the class or similarity to your brands.