About Our Trademark Litigation Practice.

We regularly represent clients in maintaining or defending trademark, trade name or trade dress infringement actions. Our trial lawyers have an impressive track record and many published decisions in the advertising, branding, trademark and trade dress fields.

Prosecute and defend litigation in each country and jurisdictions.

Strong track record of successful outcomes in pursuing and defending against requests for temporary restraining orders, preliminary and permanent injunctive relief.

Prosecute and defend oppositions and cancellation proceedings internationally.

Business-savvy attorneys who negotiate and settle disputes before they can develop into litigation.

Counsel clients in all aspects of their branding or advertising campaigns to maximize IP protection and reduce the risk of liability for infringement claims.

Special expertise in rights of publicity and misappropriation of name and image in advertising and branding disputes, including successful resolution of hundreds of millions of dollars in such claims.

Our Trademark Litigation practice is closely integrated with our renowned Trademark Group, allowing our trial lawyers to draw on the deep knowledge of our trademark prosecutors.