Prior to spending money on new R&D and product development initiatives, or making licensing and M&A decisions, we analyze competitor R&D activity and IP strategies to identify technology thickets and white space (open areas). Our landscape analysis results in actionable conclusions to help you make better strategic business decisions to move forward with your IP, R&D, and business development activities.

We analyze patents, scientific literature, and market research in the context of the competitive landscape to develop an informed and holistic view of the technologies that underlie your business. Our IP strategy services enhance organizational knowledge, strengthen your return on technology investment and establish long term corporate success.

Patent analytics establish metrics related to innovation and technology ownership. We track filing velocities, top assignees, inventors, class codes, geographic distribution, citations, text analytics, law firm efficiency along with other metrics. These “big data” analytics provide you with quantifiable data to inform R&D, legal and business development decisions.