Opposition & Cancellation

Obtaining trademark protection is only the first step in protecting your intellectual property as subsequent registrations by competitors may infringe on your trademark. Fortunately Each Patent and Trademark Office around the world has procedures in place that provide you with recourse to protect your rights. Before a trademark is approved for registration it must be published for opposition by the holder of a prior mark who believes its trademark may be damaged by the proposed mark. In order to avoid dilution of your trademark by the application of a strikingly similar mark, it is critical to file a notice of opposition with the respective Trademark Office. If the application has already passed through the time period allowed for opposition and has been registered, you can then move to have the mark cancelled.

JR ROSAS LAW FIRM will protect your trademarks by advocating on your behalf before the Intellectual Property Office of any country. With years of experience successfully representing clients before trademark examiners, we are uniquely qualified to handle opposition and cancellation proceedings. Time is of the essence in these complex legal proceedings that demand the proactive attention and expertise of our team. Before possibly losing your trademark rights, or suffering dilution of your brand and loss of market share, let us help you maintain your trademark rights and secure your competitive edge in the marketplace.