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Patent Research, Patent Services, Market Research Services, Business Research Services, Patent Landscape Services, IP Landscape Services. We are experienced in analyzing patents owned by third parties and guiding our clients successfully through these situations.


We cover all aspects of trademarks and copyrights practice, including devising and implementing global filing strategies, conducting searches, rendering availability opinions, and filing trademark application.

The JRROSAS Advantage

A determination to provide quality legal services to our clients with real efficiency and within an organization structured to facilitate, rather than to impede, the achievement the our objectives.


Our wide network of lawyers, patent agents and scientific advisors assist clients in all aspects of patent, trademark, unfair competition, trade secret, and copyright law. We will to help them protect and maximize their IP assets.
We prosecute, manage and advise on patent portfolios and strategy, including utility patents, design patents, and utility models. JR ROSAS has extensive experience in global patent application drafting and prosecution as well as patent litigation and licensing around the world.
We have a track record of global design prosecution, helping our clients identify key jurisdictions and key products and features, to ensure robust yet cost-effective global Design protection.
We offer a unique platform for more efficient patent recordals, coupled with our sophisticated and secure online docketing system, helping you stay up-to-date across all areas of patent management.



Our patent team has technical capabilities in software, electronic, chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food science, and mechanical arts and is routinely ranked among the top ten firms for the number of issued patents. A number of the patent practitioners and litigators have advanced experiences. Our patent procurement team has experience with all of these areas. We have lawyers, patent agents and scientific specialists in numerous technical fields.

Utility Model Law

Another focus of our consulting services for intellectual property law is also the utility model law. We assist our clients in the registration and defense of their utility models. This includes both, consulting about the registration potential of the property rights and the subsequent implementation from the application up to the registration. If there is a conflict we will provide extra-judicial and judicial assistance to our clients and take the required steps in coordination with our cooperation partners in order to protect those property rights. We would be pleased to advise you in this field.

Industrial Design

At JR ROSAS, our design patent lawyers are focused on securing enforceable and sustainable design rights that further our clients’ business goals in a Global scale. First and foremost, these programs help companies protect their unique product designs. Having our design protection programs properly implemented also protects brand strength and provides a strong tool against knock-offs.


JR ROSAS'S global IP practice affords clients with continuity across all aspects of trademark selection, exploitation, and enforcement. JR Rosas provides comprehensive legal services on an international basis in the areas of trademarks, trade dress, unfair competition, false advertising, the internet and, trade secrets. Our experience extends from the creation, maintenance, and exploitation of trademarks, trade dress, domain name, and TM rights to their protection in worldwide competition against infringement, misappropriation, deceptive trade practices, and counterfeiting.

Copyright protection in a digital world

We register copyrights, expedite applications, record documents, and perform title searches. We render opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, notice, security interests, and foreign protection. We also draft and negotiate agreements involving copyrighted works, including joint-development agreements, licenses, assignments, rights clearance, and distribution agreements.

Our copyright practice covers the spectrum

Logos and product packaging | Software and databases | Audio recordings and music | Film, video productions, and motion pictures | Technical and architectural designs | Books, magazines, and other publications | Sculptures | Fabric designs | Examinations and tests | Mask works (semiconductor chips)

  • Innovative
    Intellectual Property Solutions

    We develop IP portfolios that protect and maximize your technology, growth, and future.

    We are a Firm of first level solid and wide in the five continents in the Big System of Intellectual Property, providing a services of consulting and strategy and applications of patents, designs and trademarks.

  • Patent & Trademark

    Many of our services are provided as a flat fee service. There are no hidden hourly attorney fees for performing miscellaneous tasks related to the core task. You will not incur costs from asking questions, sending emails, or placing a call.

  • Prosecution &

    Organizations that value their intellectual property as a strategic and important business asset choose JR ROSAS for our technical depth, strategic patent, trademark, and copyright counseling and portfolio management, and our experience handling complex licensing and regulatory matters.


What we can do

Clients come to JR Rosas to file a Patent in a Global Scale

  • Patent Protection

    Patent Prosecution

    Due Diligence

    Patent Portfolio Management

    Opinions and Strategic Counseling



    Freedom to Operate

    Maintenance, control and vigilance

  • Trademark Enforcement

    Trademark Counseling

    Trademark Prosecution and Registration

    Resolve a trademark dispute

    Develop a brand strategic

    Global TM protection strategic

    Oppositions and Cancellations

    Watching and Alert services

  • Post-Grant

    Resources to challenge the validity of patent

    Options to patent Business Method

    Trademark Cancellations due non use

    Acquisition searches

    Assignment Drafting, Recordal of Portfolio of IP Assets

    Global strategics for licensing patent and trademark

  • Utility Model

    A utility model or petty patent is a fast and economical way to protect inventions.

    You can protect the results of your product development quickly with a utility model, thus ensuring that your competitors do not copy it. If necessary, you can take immediate legal action against any infringement.

  • Industrial Design

    With design rights you can protect your product or its design, thus ensuring exclusive rights to your design for a predetermined period of time or within a specific country or region. The object must be basically unpublished and sufficiently differentiatable from previously known designs.

  • Enforce your IP Rights

    Enforce and defend their Patent claims

    Resolve an international trade dispute

    Tackle a complex commercial litigation matter

    Prepare an appeal

    Patent Infringement Claims and Defenses

    Protecting your patent abroad

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  • Protect their valuable IP

    JR Rosas recognizes that the only purpose of litigation is to achieve the client’s specific business objectives. Our Firm enforce and defend an array of intellectual property claims for clients.

  • Manage global TM portfolio

    Our connections with foreign trademark counsel, JR Rosas is able to furnish a comprehensive package of trademark services for virtually any jurisdiction in the world while offering clients the benefit of one single point of contact.

  • Patent Prosecution

    We prepare indispensable strategies to secure Patent protection to our client supported by our depth and breadth of legal experience, technical backgrounds and understanding, strong IP Offices relationships, and litigation-focused patenting.

  • Opinions & Strategic Counseling

    Our Patent Department Team are able to provide detailed opinions regarding freedom-to-operate, validity, infringement, and many other topics. The depth and breadth of our technical expertise ensures that our clients work with an specialist agent who is thoroughly versed in the technology at hand and who can staff up a team with similar knowledge, if required.

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