The specification is a written detailed description of the invention and how to make and use the invention. The specification must be written in full, clear, concise, and exact language that a person that is skilled in the technology involved in your invention could make and use your invention. The patent office examiner will be skilled in the technology involved with your invention.

Where there are drawings, you must include a listing of all figures by number (e.g., Figure 1A) and with corresponding statements explaining what each figure depicts.

Drawings must be included with your application if the invention can be illustrated so that it is easier to understand the patent. They must be legible, labeled and referred to in the description.

If you have invented a mechanism, a manufacturing process, or even discovered a new application for an existing product. Furthermore, your invention is new, no one knows about it and it involves an inventive step, in other words, it is non-obvious. Not only do you deserve recognition, but also the exclusive right to manufacture and sell your invention. This way, no one can profit from your invention without your consent. You need a professional to correctly write the technical specification in order to then register your patent. Trust our engineers, chemists and other professionals with legal knowledge to write the specificiation for your patent.